Cole’s Kutdown Duck Call



The Cole’s Kutdown is not your average cutdown call. Hints the word spelled with “k” instead of a “c”. This call has the look of the old Olt’s and cutdown look but is actually not a cutdown at all. It has a j-frame toneboard on the insert which makes it easier to blow where a cutdown takes much air. This call lets you hit your high notes for those migrating mallards as well as your soft notes to finish them in your hole. This acrylic duck call is available in a single or double reed. Spit grooves in the toneboards keep it from sticking. If you need a duck call that’ll cut ’em down, get the Cole’s Kutdown Duck Call!

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Call Colors

Black/Ivory, Boots On, Green Pearl, Ivory, Orange Pearl, Smoke, Smoke/Black, Hedge and Smoke